In general this schools policies are completely without logic. I’m not just talking about the name tags here but we’ll focus on them for now. School policy stated that you had to have a color coded lanyard for what grade you were in. What is that supposed to do exactly? If a kid wanted to just switch to another color lanyard whos to stop him? Id hate to shatter the school’s administration’s little fantasies about safety and security but, if someone wants to hurt us; having one unlocked entrance and the ability to identify them, isnt going to stop them from shooting up the place. Furthermore isn’t this why we put security cameras in last year anyway? to be able to see who goes in what door. What is the point of having cameras at every entrance if theyre all locked anyway? Like i said if someone wants to hurt us they will, and a little id tag isnt a deterrent its a waste of time, and a pain in the ass. You want security? fine, post armed guards at each entrance, make gas masks mandatory as a part of the dress code. Have mandatory random strip searches. Build a barbed wire fence around the entire school as well as anti-tank fortifications (just in case the guy is well equipped), guard towers and just to be extra safe fortify the school to be able take a direct hit from a 300 kiloton thermonuclear warhead. That’s the only real way that we will ever actually be “safe”, so either get actually security measures or admit that this is just a pathetic attempt to give parents and other paranoid individuals (teachers exc.) the illusion of security and stop this id tag nonsense.